Interview: Ochrence

Ochrence is an electronic project started by Ethan Craigo, who released his second full length record in December 2012. Buy his music on BandCamp, check him out on Facebook, and YouTube.

IP Media: What led you to start Ochrence?

Ethan: Well, in fourth grade I started making music on the computer using FL Studio and I’ve been continuing that ever since. In 2009 I started posting things on the web under the name Flight 39. Eventually I decided I needed a name change, so I changed it to Ochrence [Oh-krense]. Since then I’ve released two albums, Disorder and Ochrence, and I plan to do a lot more.

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Bassist leaves Boston Hardcore Band RAT TRAP

551879_252949948141883_1497574691_n            John Rawley, bassist of RAT TRAP, has officially left the band after deciding that he wanted to spend more time focusing on his personal life.

Rawley had been in RAT TRAP for a year, and played his final show on March 1st at Anchors Up in Haverhill, MA.

He released this official statement about his departure: “Once I am focused and heading in the right direction in life, and have a license in something… I’ll be back in a band. Whether it’s RAT TRAP, if they need a bassist, or a friend of RAT TRAP that has a band who is looking for a bassist. We’re all family here, so let’s keep it that way.”

RAT TRAP is currently looking for a bassist near Boston that is interested in playing in a hardcore punk band.

If you, or someone you know is interested, contact RAT TRAP on Facebook.




Interview: Shane and Ethan of Do Your Worst

Do Your Worst is a Hardcore band from Bangor, Maine. Check them out on Facebook, and give them a like!

IP Media: First off, how did you come up with your name and what does it mean to you?

Shane: I’ve always loved history and I was watching a Winston Churchill speech one day and line stuck out to me. In reference to the German terror bombing of London he told the Germans “To do your worst, and we shall do our best.”. That made me really think about everyday life and how sometimes it takes someone to be a complete shithead, a horrible person for you to do your best, to show better quality, I guess. That’s what it means to me.

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Interview: Screaming For Closure


Review: Psycho – That’s Outrageous!

Note: Reviews are written based of the albums stance within it’s genre of music, things they innovate or do differently and how they stand within this genre of music, whether you like the genre or not.


Sound: One of the best features of this song is the buildup in the beginning, with a starting breakdown to get it going, and the cock of the shotgun. This is one of the best buildups within this genre of music. The next greatly noticeable moment is when the dynamics change, during the second round of “Is it time to escape this hell? Living my whole life as someone else. Tell me why can’t I control myself” the breakdown rhythm changes and adds a good start to the closing of the song. It is one of my favorite opening tracks within this genre of music. 8/10

Lyrics: If you had to generalize the idea, I would say anger, and insanity. The band uses the topic well, being descriptive within the idea. Lyrics like, “Sanity’s a mask that I refuse to wear.” and, “Look into my eyes and see the psycho inside.” do a great job of conveying the message of insanity and losing your mind. It captures the emotion of it and does well at alluding to the message without just stating it. The clean vocals, “Is it time to escape this hell? Living my whole life as someone else, Tell me why can’t I control myself.” show less of the angry side and, I interpret, a more desperate side, with the indication of not being yourself. The lyrics of this song are very well written and compliment the sound of the song. 8/10

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Interview: Cody of Set It Off

Set It Off is an “Orchestral Pop Rock” band from Tampa, FL.

Check them out on Facebook!

IP Media: The music video to “Swan Song” was incredible and unusual. Where did you get the idea for the circus theme? And what was it like filming it?

Cody: This idea was initially brought to us by Rasa [Acharya], who wrote up the treatment for the video. We immediately loved his vision of everything and added a few ideas of our own, like the addition of the young girl. The sets were so realistic and the mood was cultivated so seamlessly that it felt like we were filming a horror movie. I absolutely love all things Halloween and horror, so it was amazing to incorporate those elements into our music video.

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Acoustic Session: Beyond Goodbye

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