Interview: Paul of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is a personal favorite of ours, and they’re from France! Everyone check them out here!

IP: How did you all come up with the name Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!?

Paul: It comes from the movie “The Goonies”. We were all huge fans of this movie since our childhood and we wanted a name that reflects who we are, five kids who don’t want to grow up! It must sound weird to a lot of people, but we wanted a stupid name that doesn’t sound like every other band!

IP: How was making the video for Captain Blood? It seems to have some really amazing scenery in the video, could you tell us where it was filmed?
Paul: It was fun! The video was shot in France with Kevin Mcvey who came from LA specially for that. The live scenes were shot in an weird abandoned house in the woods near Paris in the middle of a paintball field which was funny ’cause people were playing around and in the house during the shooting. The others scenes in the car were shot in Paris, we rented this amazing vintage car and drove around the city. It was a lot of fun, it’s a very special car and it’s really hard to drive it for the first time. We had no driver’s license or vehicle documents so we had to be careful not to get caught by police.

IP: What is the most embarrassing thing to happen while performing?
Paul: Being sick on stage is the worst thing…you just have to try not to vomit while headbanging and stay on your feet. Breaking the stage while jumping or falling down happens a lot and it’s always a lot of fun! One time I had to play with a testicular torsion, it was absurdly painful [Laughter].
IP: Being a band you often have people that love you and people that hate you. If you could say one thing to the people that say hateful things about you publicly, what would you say?
Paul: We just don’t give a fuck! If I had one thing to say to the people that hate us I would say “KEEP THIS GOING!”. We know who we are and where we are going. We’re doing this for the fun and “bad promotion” is still promotion so we just take it easy and we laugh about it. Some things we read are really funny! Hey dude – we’re doing what we love, touring around the world and meeting new amazing people everyday, what are you doing behind your computer posting hate comments on Youtube behind a nickname? Talking shit on us will just make us stronger bastards (or at least make us laugh hard)!
IP: What were some of the bands that you listened to that inspired you and made you want Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! to sound like it does?
Paul: We have no particular band that inspired us…we all listen to a lot of different kind of music and when we started this band the goal was to mix all of these genres together. We’re inspired by pop punk, hardcore, metal, pop, rap, experimental and classical music and we’re trying to bring all of this in our music. Everyone brings something different in this band and I think that’s what makes our sound.
IP: You have many great lyrical songs, and some of those are Positiv-O, Time’s Up!, Life, For All We Know, and XOXO. Would you mind telling us what inspired one or two or a few of these songs?
Paul: The main subject of the album is friendship and you can feel it in For All We Know. We have amazing friends that supported us since the beginning, we lived through some crazy things with them and they are part of our lives. We just wanted the world to know it and write stuff about it because friendship is one of the most important things in life. It’s precious when you have people by your side and when you can count on them!
XOXO is about some people who tried to talk shit on us and on our crew, it’s simple and straight in the face!

Time’s Up! is about the fact that it’s never too late to change your life. When something goes wrong in your life you can work on it and start things again as it was in the beginning. We all have the possibility to take our life in our hands, forget the past and go ahead. So if something goes wrong with your life just follow your dreams and do what you think is right for you!

IP: Any idea on when we can expect any new material from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!? Are you guys writing any new songs, or demoing anything?

Paul: We are currently writing new songs for our second album! Some songs are almost finished and it sounds really good, we’re really happy with this. We’re trying to find our own sound for this next album and it’s not an easy thing because we don’t want to sound like everybody else. It will be more mature, more original, more technical, more heavy, and more catchy at the same time. We’re trying to experiment new stuff and I think people will love it! We don’t know anything about the dates for the moment but you can probably expect something from us after the summer.

IP: You recently finished the Fearless Friends Tour with Tonight Alive, Motionless In White, The Word Alive, and Blessthefall. Did you or anyone else from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! make any really good friends from any of the other bands?

Paul: It was a great tour, we had a lot of fun with everyone and all of these bands were amazing with us. If I had to pick one band I would say Tonight Alive. We became really good friends and we immediately hooked with them! We both came from other countries, we were far from home, both bands were on their second US tour, and the most important thing we both have sexy accents!

IP: Boxers or briefs?

Paul: For me boxer briefs, I hate when my balls are floating in the void!


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